Implant Retained Bridges

Set Your Smile Free~  

Implant retained bridges are a great option for denture wearers. You can loose your denture forever and replace it with a permanent fixed bridge for the whole arch instead of wearing a denture. NO more goo! Eat the foods you like. No more slipping when speaking, or chewing. More confidence and a better appearance. Not just for denture wearers however. You can use a implant retained bridge in conjunction with your natural teeth to replace a few missing teeth, without having to sacrifice perfectly healthy teeth to replace a few missing ones. 

Some of the full arch implant retained bridges are as follows:

Hybrid Resin or Zirconia Bridgebridge

Involves placement of between 6-10 Implants, determined by bone volume and
bone quality.

This is a fixed hybrid bridge that can be detached by the dentist as needed
at recall cleaning visits.

Set Your Smile Free to get rid of your dentures!

Non-Removeable Zirconia Bridge

Involves placement of between 10-12 implants, determined by the bone volume
and bone quality.


The final bridge is tried in for patient comfort and aesthetic approval and
then cemented in place.

You no longer need to worry about your teeth moving or falling out because
this is a cemented zirconia bridge.

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